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Bringing award winning South African Producers and Distillers of fine craft spirits together into a single collaborative collection, Sugarbird is known for bringing variety to consumers with multi spirit packs. Such a successful concept it was, that the SUGARBIRD & FRIENDS BRAND was born!

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Sugarbird & Friends most recent remarkable, collaborative Spirit innovation! A world first craft spirit collaboration pack, showcasing a range of unique spirits brought to you from award winning South African Producers and Distillers - a premium taste experience, also offering the benefit of consumer variety. Sugarbird & Friends Multi Spirit 24 offers a novel way to kick start December, and the advent to Christmas with the opportunity to sample a unique, new South African craft spirit over 24 days in the lead up to Christmas… which beats a chocolate a day any day! For all those Craft Spirit enthusiasts - enjoy on your own with guilt free pleasure, start a party and share with friends, give as the perfect gift this festive season! - the choice is yours, but join Sugarbird & Friends on a journey of South African craft spirits diversity. A selection of potstill brandy, fynbos gin, rum, local agave, sipping vodka and unique African whisky. All you need to do is open a window on the front panel of this box corresponding with the date … Sip sip …. and enjoy!

M24 (WIX).png

What's in the box:

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird XO 14 year old Brandy

  • 1x40ml Lean On Me Gin

  • 1x40ml Hope Small batch Vodka

  • 1x40ml De Vry Die Warm Rasta Rum

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Honeybush and Moringa Gin

  • 1x40ml El Fuego Agave

  • 1x40ml Pienaar & Son Ugly Gin

  • 1x40ml Año de los Muertos Agave

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Pino & Pelargonium Gin

  • 1x40ml Joker 5 year Brandy blend

  • 1x40ml De Vry Die Groot Groot Kommunis

  • 1x40ml Stagg Whisky

  • 1x40m Stadsjaapie Brandy

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Cape Holly & Wild Plum Gin

  • 1x40ml 2010 Single Barrel Whisky

  • 1x40ml De Vry Boereraad Brandy

  • 1x40ml El Centurion Agave

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Juniper Unfiltered Gin

  • 1x40m Sugarbird Safari Glitter Gin

  • 1x40m Howler Rum

  • 1x40ml Ja Nee Fok Brandy

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Rum

  • 1x40ml  Bo Plaas 8 Citrus Gin

  • 1x40ml Granny’s Bear Vodka



The Sugarbird & Friends Collection of 12 Gin minis is a delightful advent calendar-styled Box featuring 12 different gins. As unique as the striking Cape Sugarbird, after which we are named. In true Sugarbird spirit, we've brought together some of South Africa's finest craft gin brands, carefully selected to showcase the diverse flavour profiles from all over our country. A fantastic way to sample different gins, a countdown calendar which allows you to discover a new gin every couple of days, or to share with eleven of your lucky friends!… Ultimately, the perfect gift for any Gin connoisseur!

What's in the box:

  • 1x40ml Blind Tiger

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Pino & Pelargonium

  • 1x40ml Grandeur Premium Gin

  • 1x40ml Hope African Botanical

  • 1x40ml Black Rose Ruby

  • 1x40ml Just Peachy

  • 1x40ml Victoria Amber

  • 1x40ml Controversy Gin

  • 1x40ml Lean On Me

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Honey-bush and Moringa

  • 2x40ml Mystery days that you will get one of the following gins on either day. So, which will it be….? (Remember to let us know what you got!)

  • Ginologist Floral, or

  • Autograph

  • Jin Gin Olive and Honey, or

  • Pienaar and Son Empire




Once again, Sugarbird has curated a world first with Sugarbird and Friends Brandy Box Collection. The collection contains 12 x 40ml mini bottles of brandy from South Africa’s top brandy producers and showcases the true diversity of South African brandy. Collectively the brandies inside have won 70 local and international awards and most of them are pure pot-still brandies. You can taste Groot Constantia’s single barrel VSOP which before appearing in the box, had never been available in retail. Sample Backsberg’s Sydney Back 15-year-old pot still, or explore a newcomer craft brandy. The collection starts in Cape Town and takes you all the way to Hartbeespoort, and is a true celebration of SA’s brandy and heritage. South Africa is a heralded as some of the best Brandy producers in the world, having won the title of “World’s Best Brandy” 15 times in the last 20 years. Sugarbird and Friends Brandy Box brings you true competition to French cognac, and a sumptuous journey of Brandy excellence from your own country. In the pack, Sugarbird also celebrates its foray into the brandy category with the launch, in 40ml miniature, of Sugarbird XO Brandy (now also available in a 750ml bottle) From ‘brandewyn by die braai’ blended brandies to pot-stills for sipping neat, this collection offers a journey and an education to every brandy drinker, as well as those that may just be converted. Enjoy as your own advent calendar style brandy sample pack, or make it the perfect gift for the brandy connoisseur in your life! Open a window to discover the mystery brandy on any given day and have a look at the tasting notes found on the inside window panels.

What's in the box:

  • 1x40ml Oude Molen XO – 14yr (Elgin Valley, WP) – 15 awards

  • 1x40ml Sugarbird Cape Fynbos XO – 14 yr (Elfindale, WP) - Newcomer

  • 1x40ml Truffle Potstill – De Mas – 5yr (Kakamas, NC) – 12 awards

  • 1x 40ml Joseph Barry XO – 12 yr (Barrydale, WP) – 17 awards

  • 1 x 40ml Ladismith – 8 yr (Ladismith, WP) – 21 awards

  • 1 x 40ml Rooibos and Umondi – Incendo Distillery – 3 yr (Hartbeespoort, NW) - Newcomer

  • 1 x 40ml Groot Constantia VSOP – 8 yr (Constantia, WP)

  • 1 x 40ml Carel Nel – Boplaas – 5 yr (Calitzdorp, WP)

  • 1 x 40ml Boereraad – De Vry – 3 yr (Oranjeville, FS) - Newcomer

  • 1 x 40ml Cape Alchemist – Hew Harbour – 3 yr (Somerset West, WP) - Newcomer

  • 1 x 40ml Sydney Back – Backsberg – 15yr (Paarl, WP) – 3 awards

  • 1 x 40ml Joker Brandy – 5 yr (Elfindale, WP) - Newcomer




One of the first collaborations, and the genesis of Sugarbird & Friends. This multi brand pack showcases 5 x 40ml mini gin bottles, thereby offering a selection  of some of South Africa’s top gins all in one pack! As a world-first, Sugarbird & Friends is the result of collaboration with other gin manufacturers to offer customer choice and variety. In each box you will find one varietal from Sugarbird’s signature gin range, Original Fynbos, Juniper Unfiltered, Pino & Pelargonium or Honeybush & Moringa, along with 4 x other magnificent gin brand minis selected from collaborating distilleries and producers listed below: 

What's in the box:

  • 1x40ml Ginologist

  • 1x40ml Autograph 

  • 1x40ml Pienaar and Son

  • 1x40ml Jin Gin Olive and Honey

  • 1x40ml 48 gin

  • 1x40m Wilderer

  • 1x40ml Abstinence

  • 1x40ml Bloedlemoen

  • 1x40ml Cape Town Gin Company

  • 1x40ml ClemenGold

  • 1x40ml Copper Republic

  • 1x40ml Flowstone

  • 1x40ml Ginifer

  • 1x40m Hope on Hopkins

  • 1x40m Inverroche

  • 1x40ml Mirari / Time Anchor

  • 1x40ml Monks

  • 1x40ml Musgrave

  • 1x40ml  Muti

  • 1x40ml New Harbour

  • 1x40ml Unit 43

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